Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Land of Rolling Hills and Saint Francis

Hello to all this is Derrick reporting in from Assisi.

Today was spent riding in style on our luxery charter buses. Roughly five hours were logged on these narrow Italian highways. We departed from at 9:00 am this morning and drove two hours to our first destination, which was a vineyard located just outside of Rome. We took a tour of the winery and the fifth-generation owner showed us the ins and outs of wine making. In my eyes it felt like I was on one big episode of the Discovery Channel show 'How It's Made.' There was an awesome celler from the origanal vinyard made 200 years ago. After the tour there was a tasteing of the wines made on the premise--which were tasty.

P.S. To my parents... If you are reading this A) I am alive and well, and B) I have two gifts to bring back from today's trip.

After the tour, the choir hit the road again for three more hours. I cannot tell you about anything of that ride because it was a classic opertunity to catch some sleep.

Upon arrival in Assisi, I decided it seemed like a place out of one of the cheesy postcards all the darn venders keep trying to pawn off on us. I personally am excited for tommorrow's tour of the area, hoping the weather grants us a little reprive from the rain we got all day today. The Grand Hotel seems to be the swankiest one that we have stayed in yet. We ate a huge meal at the Hotel and celebrated four different birthdays with candles and tarts. The best part of the night were the Asian tourists taking pictures of the crazy Americans belting out the best version of 'Happy Birthday' ever.

Written by: Derrick McKenna '09, Choir Secretary-Elect